Bhlas Glass by The Whisky Lodge

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Bhlas: A fun and witty contraction of "balloon" and "glass", the term "Bhlas" actually comes from the Gaelic language, spoken in the Celtic lands where whisky is produced, and in which it means "to taste". Bhlas is the tasting tool conceived, designed and produced by The Whisky Lodge (store in Lyon, France).


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  • France

Made of mouth-blown crystal, this glass is a high-tech tool. Its use offers the user an extremely precise and detailed analysis of the aromas of the spirit tasted.

Thanks to its spherical shape, unusual for a tasting glass, no alteration or complementary shape slows down the rotating alcohol. Its high foot allows better visibility during the analysis of the dress, but also to avoid untimely manipulations, irregular and harmful to the tasting. Its wide base facilitates an effective maintenance of the glass, and therefore an easy control of the aromatic development during the different stages of the tasting. Thanks to an intensity-modular centrifugation effect, the analysis of any spirit is particularly fast and reliable. The ratio between the volume of the sphere and the volume of alcohol allows a complete and orderly repositioning of the aromas composing it.

Our packaging is completely shock-proof and 100% recyclable. Our packaging meet all the requirements of many partner carriers, especially for international carriers. They are lightweight, and offer very good result in terms of strength and impact resistance. Your order is ensured during transport against all damage by insurance that we agree with our charges for each of your parcel.

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