Vintage 1999 - Single Cask 12 years

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Made in a limited edition, the Montebello Single Cask (Fût Unique) is a product that meets very specific and rather complex manufacturing criteria. Made especially by Grégory Marsolle, the new Cellar Master, the Single Cask is a rather fatty rum, whose texture provides a feeling of lightness.


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  • 0.70L
  • 40°
  • Amber
  • Guadeloupe

The impressions related to the attack in the mouth continue with basic flavors whose dominant remains a set of candied fruits. This rum retains a mid-palate of the same tone as the attack, which allows, by the same token, to discover new flavors at each tasting, depending on the prior preparation of the palate. Visual examination reveals a bright and clear dress. Its golden yellow, orange-yellow color illuminates the glass.


Rhum Montebello, the most successful traditional agricultural rum of Guadeloupe.
  • Distilled at Montebello, Guadeloupe
  • 12 years of aging
  • Vintage # 1999
  • Distilled from fresh sugar cane juice (agricole method)
  • This rum is drawn from a single cask (single cask)
  • Aging Tropical

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