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Guyana 1994 Enmore REV 26 year old

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S.B.S Guyana 1994 is a single cask of only 124 bottles. It is Pot still rum from the now closed (1994) Enmore Sugar Estate and distilled on the Versailles single wooden pot still. One of the legendary stills that is now located at the last remaining distillery in Guyana, Demerara Distillers Limited or DDL. 


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  • 0.70L
  • 48,5°
  • Amber
  • French Guyana

The Versailles wooden pot still or Vat still is today 1 of only 2 wooden pot still. left in the world, the other being the Port Mourant double wooden pot still, also located at DDL. There used to be many more of its kind in Guyana, but with the dwindling sugar industry, they slowly disappeared. Guyana went from more than100 distilleries in the 1800, to around 50 at the start of 1900s and todays only 1. Luckily DDL is taking very good care of the stills and maintain them well, so we will be able to drink rum from these wonderful stills for many more years to come. 



1423 – World Class Spirits is a Danish liquor firm established in 2008. It all started as a hobby with a strong passion for whisky and rum. Today 1423 is one of the fastest growing distributors of premium liquor in Denmark.

  • Presented in Cover (metal, carton...)
  • 26 years of aging
  • Vintage # 1994
  • Distilled from molasses (traditional method)
  • 124 copies in the world
  • Aging Tropical and Continental

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