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Guyana 1997 Skeldon SWR 24 year old

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This 24 year old Skeldon was distilled in 1997 with the four column Savalle still from the Uitvlugt distillery and bottled raw cask in December 2021. After the closure of Skeldon in 1960, Uitvlugt reproduced the style (mark SWR). This rum is a unique cask acquired by the independent Danish bottler SBS.

Limited edition: Limited to 1 bottle per customer, order and delivery address in order to serve the greatest number of customers. 
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  • 0.70L
  • 48,4°
  • Amber
  • French Guyana

This barrel comes from the cellar of Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) in Guyana. Skeldon evokes a myth that was once bottled by Velier. With this limited edition dedicated to France, SBS is putting in a bottle (213 bottle) one of the versions closest to that of Velier.
SBS has impressed us in the past by bottling mark SWR, Caroni or even rare and powerful Hampden, but never so much thanks to this cask, so close to the holy grail, the famous Skeldon SWR distilled at Uitvlugt.
We are in the presence of a great rum, cask brut, without reduction, filtration or added sugar which will delight amateurs, demerara geek, and even collector for this very beautiful limited edition piece.

This Skeldon cask has been specially selected by Joshua Singh and his team for his representative in France, the Milhade house.


1423 – World Class Spirits is a Danish liquor firm established in 2008. It all started as a hobby with a strong passion for whisky and rum. Today 1423 is one of the fastest growing distributors of premium liquor in Denmark.

  • Distilled at Uitvlugt (fermeture en 1999)
  • Presented in Cover (metal, carton...)
  • 24 years of aging
  • Vintage # 1997
  • Distilled from molasses (traditional method)
  • 213 copies in the world
  • This rum is bottled at its natural proof (fullproof)
  • This rum is drawn from a single cask (single cask)
  • Aging Tropical and Continental
  • 1st maturation in barrels ofBourbon
  • Distilled from Colonne Savalle

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