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This Glengoyne single malt from the South Highlands is also known as "Unpeated Malt"! It was aged in European and American oak barrels, and mostly in Oloroso sherry barrels.


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  • Scotland

Not peated, it certainly is. A whisky of choice, because for decades the distillery has used air-dried barley rather than dried barley using peat smoke that will be perceived as being "harder" approach. The result is a more subtle and complex whisky, in which all delicate flavors are freely allowed to express themselves. Sweet, caramel, green apples. Sweet, sweet licorice, almonds and herbaceous.


When Alfred Barnard, the famous author of the book The Whisky Distilleries Of The United Kingdom in 1887, visited the site, the distillery was called Glenguin. Created in 1833 under the name of Burnfoot, it was renamed in 1876 before taking the final name of Glengoyne in 1905. But the British author also tells us that his malt whisky is distilled three times, while the distillery is equipped with only a pair of stills. Curious, and all the more so when we know that a third still will be installed in 1965, while triple distillation is abandoned. What has not changed, however, is that you already have to cross the road, at the end of the nineteenth century, to get to the cellars. This road, now A81, is the theoretical boundary between the regions of the
Lowlands and Highlands.

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