Taxes, VAT Outside of the EU

Frequently Asked Questions:

I live in France but I would like to ship a product in a country outside of the European Union*, will I pay 20% VAT?

No, only the destination country is taken into consideration, even if you are paying from France or another EU country. With the exception of the US and Canada we charge VAT.

I am in the United States and I would like to order a product to be delivered in France, will I pay VAT?

Yes, because the destination country is France, the VAT rate is generally 20%.

Are the prices posted with or without VAT?

The prices listed on our website include French VAT of 20% and applies to all countries in Europe… However, to see the prices without VAT, create your account by including your address and the destination country. The country where the order will be delivered will determine the VAT rate that will be applied; either 20% or 0% TAX FREE.
20% VAT applies for delivery to USA and Canada

Getting back the VAT for a French company?

Yes, this is possible. As soon as you have paid your order, your invoice will be available in your client account. This invoice takes into account the ATI, excl.VAT, and current VAT rate in use. You can print it for accounting needs.

Taxes: For deliveries within the EU

Countries of the EU : Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lettonia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, United-Kingdom, Slovaquia, Slovania, Sweden. The prices listed whether on the website are the prices ATI, with all tax included. You will not have to pay any additional fees or taxes.

Taxes: For deliveries outside of the EU

duty free, tax freeYou pay the articles excl. VAT (excluding taxes) and we invoice you without taxes. In order to access and shop with prices excluding VAT, sign-up and include your country in order for all the catalogue prices to be listed without taxes. Once you sign-up, shipping costs will be automatically calculated in accordance to the country you selected. You save 20% on every article and shipping, it’s Duty Free! Orders to the DOM-TOMs and outside of the EU (except USA and Canada) are charged without tax. The local taxes and dock dues will be generally charged to the transporter once the package has been processed through customs. It is your responsibility to pay these fees.