Delivery & Shipping Costs

General information

Different delivery options will made available to you according to the country you are shipping to and the weight of the bottles being shipped. In most cases, we entrust your package to our dependable delivery partner Chronopost who ensures delivery within 24 hours. We will always choose the shipping method guarantying the fastest delivery time at lesser costs. Guaranteed 24hour delivery for mainland France, Switzerland and Belgium. The shipping costs include the packaging, handling, and postal fees. The custom fees vary depending on the weight of your package. The price you pay is the price that is indicated; there are no hidden fees with

Carefully packaged.

Your bottles are packed in secured boxes. Our boxes can hold up to 4 bottles. These boxes have been specially designed for shipping spirits. We add extra protection with air cushion / cardboard / protective chips and very resistant bubble wrap around every bottle. To be sure that your parcel isn’t opened during the shipment, we seal the parcel with a thick adhesive tape sporting your favorite brands’ initials / Because your alcohol is more than a simple spirit, we cover your package in silk paper bearing the colors of and brands.

Preparing Your Order

Once your order has been placed, it will take us 6 to 24 hours to prepare your order if your desired product is in stock. Please note that, on average, we require approximately 12hours to prepare your order, this is the standard timeframe posted on our website.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Before what time should I place my order If I would like to to receive my order the next day?

Your order must be processed (the article is available in stock and the payment has been received) before 3pm in order for your package to be handed over to the delivery company and delivered to you the next day before 1pm (valid for shipments to mainland France and closely surrounding European countries).

If I choose a different shipping company, will my order be prioritized?

The shipping company selected has no influence the order preparation time. We process all orders as soon as they are placed, during our regular working hours.

What happens if a product isn’t available?

We will notify you via email if ever any of our products is unavailable. We make efforts to restock regularly during the day in order to avoid lengthening the order preparation time. In the case that we are unable to restock a particular product on time, we will send you a second email to offer you different choices (replace the missing product with another item, changing your order, partial reimbursement).

I don’t have access to all the shipping methods!

Although we do our best to offer you as many options as possible when it comes to the shipping method, the difficulties we encounter regarding the shipping address, the nature of the product, it’s weight, its size or its availability does not always allow us to offer shipment through our different shipping companies. However, as soon as it is possible, we make it a point to offer you a wide range of choices.

My parcel was delivered by a different shipping company than the one I requested when I placed my order.

Exceptionally, under certain circumstances and while faced with certain shipping difficulties that were not taken into account when the order was placed, we can be obliged to select an alternate shipping company than the one selected initially. If possible, we try to choose a shipping company with the same characteristics as your initial choice. The shipping delay will be respected even if that means that we will take-on part of the costs. However, these changes are extremely rare and mostly linked to particular products and shipping destinations. Generally, if such a situation was to occur, and we cannot honor our initial commitment, we will contact you immediately. If, you are still not satisfied with the shipping company we have selected, do not hesitate to let us know via the: contact form, under the delivery section.

Is delivery on a military base possible?

ExcellenceRhum supports the French army and will deliver your order directly to your army base. However, you must follow certain guidelines: provide your section/regiment identifier under the streetfield, write ARMEES in the town field, 00XXX in the postal code field and France for the country (even if your base is not located in France). i.e.: Street: SP 68 109 / TOWN: ARMEES / Postal Code: 00688.

What happens when a product in my order is unavailable at that particular point in time?

You will receive an email from the person preparing your order.

Do you do offer gift wrapping service for special occasions?

We package your order in a black film finished bag coupled with sheets of silk paper which we let peak out of the bag which turns out beautifully and is available in two different sizes to accommodate your order. Your bottle is nestled inside, a truly elegant presentation for your gifts. You can add this option to your order for only 4 euros. You would like to include a message? Send us an email with the message you would like to send, don’t forget to include your order number. See the gift bag?

Where can I check the status of my order?

You can check the status of your order in real time on the website by going to my account and clicking on the “your order” tab.

What do the different statuses of my order mean?

«Payment approved » Status: The order is approved and will be transferred to our logistics department for processing. « Awaiting Payment » Status: If you have selected to pay via wire transfer or check, your order status will not change until payment is received and credited to our account. « Canceled » or « Payment Error » Status: You have chosen not to follow-up on this order and have decided to cancel it. If you have selected the payment via credit card, this status is not normal and means that the online payment was not finalized. To try again, log-on to your account, click on the « re-order » icon and try again until the payment is accepted. « Processing » Status: The order is being prepared by our team. « Ongoing delivery » Status: The package has been prepared and will be handed over to our shipping company during the day. « Delivered » or « Delivered to FreshRelay » Status: Our shipping company has notified us that the order has reached its destination.

Can I include multiple addresses for the articles in my order?

It is not possible to deliver your order to multiple addresses. In order to do so, you must place an order for each address.