Secured payment, general information

Buying and getting your beverage delivered to your doorstep is possible on ExcellenceRhum, thanks to Paybox, the ultra-secure payment system from Credit Agricole.

Your website with secured browsing and payment option

To place an order simply :

  • - Reach for your preferred bank card Eurocard, Mastercard, Visa, American Express or request a single use code, available through most banking institutions, to complete your purchase.
  • - Ensure your navigation system (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox...) allows you to use the SSL crypting system.
  • - Follow the following steps: once your cart has the articles you wish the purchase, create or connect to your user account to choose your method of payment. You will then be redirected towards a payment platform belonging to our banking institution – the Credit Agricole.
  • - Fill-in your card details and proceed to the 3D secure verification page (via SMS, secure call, or email). If your transaction is successfully completed, you will receive a positive response; On the contrary, if the operation is not successful you may start over or choose another payment method. In the case that multiple errors occur, please contact your bank. .


The SSL protocol / guarantees the confidentiality of all your information exchanged on the website using the SSL protocol. From the moment you are connected to our website / your visit is encrypted through an SSL certificate. When it is time to make a payment, our banks SSL certificate takes-over (PAYBOX/Credit Agricole). Furthermore, our website is hosted on a space dedicated to; No other website shares the space with us. Our host is, a French company whose headquarters are in Paris.
Your visit to ExcellenceRhum is SSL secured at all times.


What is the SSL protocol ?

Nowdays, the SSL protocol is the most widespread solution for securing transactions. SSL: Secure Socket Layer.
The SSL solution owes its success to its’ ease of use and its inclusion into all the navigators on the market: you will often notice a lock icon on the top/bottom left/right hand corner of your navigator which locks itself automatically if the server sending you information uses SSL. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is an information sharing protocol which allows us to ensure the authenticity, confidentiality and integrity of the data being exchanged. It’s a way for us to ensure secured communication with you.