Shipping to United States


  • Some states reserve the right to require taxes and broker costs. Contact the customs authorities of your state for more accuracy
  • - We deliver only 21 states: Alaska (Anchorage seulement), California, Florida, Connecticut Delaware, District of Columbia, Idaho, Louisiane, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Wyoming et Texas


Transport Insurance - Free !

We are the only ones to offer you FREE transport insurance for shipping your goods. Your order is covered against all damages throughout it’s’ transit by an insurance plan which we subscribe to for all of your parcels.


Additional time is possible from the carrier, or customs administration can be found on some states.
Preparation time : 72 hours
Shipping time : 8 business days

United States of America

Up to 2kgs
(~1 bottle of 70cl)

72 €

Up to 4kgs
(~2 bottles of 70cl or ~1 gift box

96 €

Up to 6kgs
(~3 bottles of 70cl or ~2 gift boxes)

120 €

Up to 8kgs
(~4 bottles of 70cl or ~2 gift boxes)

144 €

Over 8 kgs or 4 bottles or 2 gift boxes

We recommend that you split your order.

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