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Shipping to Canada (Ontario & Quebec)
transport by air 


The order is processed the same day.
The standard shipping time for Canada is 1 to 5 days. Additional time may be required for passing through customs, the length of which largely depends the countries’ local authorities. All our parcels contain the necessary documentation for customs at their arrival destination.

Local Customs reserve the right to tax your parcel at the reception. Check with the customs of your country.
The spirits import is allowed only for the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. It is necessary to a specified number of fixed phone and mobile and a valid e-mail address for the safe delivery of your order.

Transport Insurance - Free !

We are the only ones to offer you FREE transport insurance for shipping your goods. Your order is covered against all damages throughout it’s’ transit by an insurance plan which we subscribe to for all of your parcels.



Prices include customs declarations for destinations where such proceduderes are necessary. Notre service client holds the right to contact you and request documents (import licence, CNI, Social Insurance number…) needed for proper shipping of your order. A delay in the processing by the carrier, customs, or administration may occur for some destinations.

Canada : Quebec & Ontario

Up to 2kgs
(~1 bottle of 70cl)

55 €

Up to 4kgs
(~2 bottles of 70cl or ~1 gift box

75 €

Up to 6kgs
(~3 bottles of 70cl or ~2 gift boxes)

95 €

Up to 8kgs
(~4 bottles of 70cl or ~2 gift boxes)

115 €

Up to 10kgs
(~5 bottles of 70cl or ~ 3 gift boxes)

135 €

Up to 15kgs
(~ 7 bottles of 70cl or  ~ 5 gift boxes)

180 €

Up to 20kgs
(~10 bottles of 70cl ou ~7 gift boxes)

230 €

Up to 25kgs
(~13 bottles of 70cl ou 8 gift boxes)

280 €

Over 25 kgs

We recommend that you split your order.

All prices exclude VAT (20%). You do not pay VAT (20%) on shipping costs and product prices for all orders outside of Europe and French overseas territories and departments, however, DutyFree costs will apply. Need more information?


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