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Agricole, meaning "farm-produced rum," is made by fermenting fresh-squeezed sugarcane juice. 


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This form of rum production is rare today - only a handful of manufacturers in select countries still make rum this way - and the scarcity premium of Agricole is one of the reasons why the product is garnering the attention of discerning drinkers worldwide. What makes Grace Rum's Agricole even rarer is that it's completely free of additives and artificial colors, a feat unmatched by other Agricole products. While we're at it, we'd also like to remind you that it's made from fresh-squeezed sugarcane juice, and sugarcane is harvested only once a year. CORCOR Agricole - It's everything rum should be.


Waves gently lap the shore in a cove surrounded by steep cliffs overlooking the sea. It is late autumn on Minamidaito Island in the southern seas of Japan, and a gentle fall breeze wafts through the sugarcane fields that permeate the isle.
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  • Distilled from fresh sugar cane juice (agricole method)

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