Vintage 2003 - 9 years

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Born of the Agricole Rum’s Bielle 2003 harvest, the independent bottling company Velier bought about 40 barrels in order to refine Agricole rums under the tropical climate of Marie Galante, hence its name MG (Marie Galante). 


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  • 0.70L
  • 49°
  • Amber
  • Marie Galante

After an aging of 9 years, after the loss of the angel’s part (principle of evaporation in natural barrels), it only remains a few barrels, which gave birth to the bottle exposed here. This one was bottled in 2012.


MG is a brand created by the Italian company Velier. It consists in buying a stock of 40 barrels from the Bielle distillery in Guadeloupe and refines them following the traditional technique in order to salvage a

  • Presented in Cover (metal, carton...)
  • 9 years of aging
  • Vintage # 2003
  • Distilled from fresh sugar cane juice (agricole method)
  • Aging Tropical

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