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The trademark of Fever Tree !!! A Soft Drink that is not! Ginger Beer is a ginger concentrate. Cloudy in appearance due to the presence of ginger particles, Ginger Beer is distinguished by a soft mouth attack quickly overwhelmed by a ginger explosion.


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  • 20cl

The finish is endless on ginger and pepper. Can be enjoyed on ice or in cocktails. For very big lovers of ginger. To mix with fresh lemon juice and white alcohols: vodka for the Moscow Mule, white rum for the Mobile Mule or gin. In alliance with South American rums for example, Ginger Beer, non-alcoholic, made by brewing ginger root containing fresh green ginger, will convince all ginger lovers. It is a base that is ideally suited to the realization of very famous cocktails such as Dark & Stormy.

Our packaging is completely shock-proof and 100% recyclable. Our packaging meet all the requirements of many partner carriers, especially for international carriers. They are lightweight, and offer very good result in terms of strength and impact resistance. Your order is ensured during transport against all damage by insurance that we agree with our charges for each of your parcel.

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