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Savanna Intense finds all its identity in the Reunionese Creole soul.


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Resulting from three centuries of progress, it develops a powerful bouquet that flourishes with balance in preparation of cocktails and arranged rums.
Notes of ripe fruit, banana.
All the refinement of sugar rums is due to the aromatic heart of a noble product, molasses: the non-crystallizable mother liquor resulting from the pressing of cane, or sugar cane honey. With the installation of the first stainless steel tanks with exceptional neutrality properties, rums have become crystal brandy, a pure distillation product. After two years of research, Distillerie de Savanna has developed a vigorous traditional rum, with a unique sweet texture, just like our island: intense.


Distillerie de Savanna was designed and built by Emile Hugot between 1948 and 1950. At the time, located in Saint Paul, it was annexed to the sugar factory of the same name.

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