Chairman's Spiced

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The Chairman's Reserve Spiced Rum is the latest addition to the St. Lucia distillery's portfolio in the category of the best rums in the world.


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  • 0.70L
  • 40°
  • Amber
  • Saint Lucia

It has flavors of local spices and fruits, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla, coconut, lemon and oranges. They also added Richeria Grandis – locally known as "Bandé Wood" – a bark famous in the Caribbean for being a powerful aphrodisiac that adds an amazing taste to rum. These spices and fruits are added to the rum and then distilled in copper columns and constantly ground and then ripened in barrels that formerly contained Kentucky Bourbon. This aims to give the rum a complexity and balance between spices. It turns out that a combination of certain spices and Banded Wood are added to the rum for up to a year before the other ingredients are added back during the aging process. In this way we can feel the flavors of spices and fruits while preserving the complexity and harmony of this rum. A beautifully complex nose bringing out touches of oranges, nutmeg, cinnamon and sweet grapes. A rich and sweet palate with aromas of some spices such as nutmeg, vanilla and cloves that are perfectly balanced with a citrus character. A hedonistic rum although complex.

Santa Lucia Distillers

St Lucia Distillers LTD is the distillery of Saint Lucia, located in the Grenadines, Caribbean Sea. This distillery includes brands such as Amiral Rodneyn Chairman's or Toz.
  • Distilled at Saint Lucia Distillers
  • Distilled from molasses (traditional method)
  • Aging Tropical

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