Professor Cornelius Rumbullion! XO 15 years

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Professor Cornelius Ampleforth comes out of his laboratory "Rumbullion! XO 15 years". After the spicy version at 35°, the Navy-Strength version at 57°, Cornelius rums are spectacularly fragrant rums, inspired by the brotherhood of sailors of centuries ago, but this time it is the captain's special reserve that he keeps locked in his holds.


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  • 0.50L
  • 46°
  • Amber
  • United Kingdom

A blend of vanilla aroma, orange zest and fine spices, but the most extraordinary is its aging in barrels, aged 15 years in the Caribbean climate.

The captain will not be likely to share a lamp. Professor Ampleforth loves his Rumbullion! XO, but he was seen in a Palmetto cocktail party having to chase us out of his lab with his stick. He is a very secretive man, the professor.

Professor Cornelius

Even before he obtained his title of "Professor", Cornelius Ableforth was already an innovator with a touch of madness. He dreamed of running a large laboratory filled with beakers, test tubes, plants and spirits. Thus, in the fall of 2011, his dreams came true with the release of his "Bathtub Gin". The tireless professor now continues to create everything he can imagine, whether it is a cold-distilled absinthe with an alcoholic strength of 91.2% or a gin aged in barrels and lately several rums, from heavy to navy through XO.

  • 15 years of aging
  • Distilled from molasses (traditional method)
  • Aging Continental

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