Santa Teresa

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The master of the rums and out presentation card, Santa Teresa 1796 is the ultra-Premium anejo that has been named the best rum in the old by international juries. It’s is also unique as the only rum that is totally aged through the ancient solera method, for centuries the secret of Spain’s sherry and brandy producers. Ron de Solera. 


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  • 0.70L
  • 40°
  • Venezuela

In the Solera oak barrels are set in four rows one above the other.
There, through the Solera process the rum makes a long journey: the crianza decants by cascade through the layers of barrels, ending as the final crianza in large French oak vats. Thus as it slowly moves from barrel to barrel, it achieves its matures, balanced body, and the perfect ageing roundness that makes Santa Teresa 1796 distinctive and inimitable. The mother rum, an aged elixir, more than 25 years old, is blended crianza. Once the rum achieves its desired maturity, one portion one, until the rum reaches the fourth row of barrels, close to the ground. This crianza gives Santa Teresa 1796 its freshness, equilibrium, strength and a good portion of its unrivaled maturity. One the progression of cascade decanting is done, only a portion of the rum on the fourth row of barrels is taken to a second process: the slow and calmly final crianza in large oak vats, when the maturity process is completed. Since a portion of the rum never leaves the Solera, the anejo that we carefully bottle, is more and more round and smooth more Santa Teresa. Launched in 1996 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Haciandea Santa Teresa, this rum represents a proud 200 years tradition and summarizes the generosity of this land where we grow the sugar cane, distill the alcohol and age and bottle our internationally renowned Ron de Venezuela.

  • Presented in Box
  • Distilled from molasses (traditional method)
  • Aging Tropical

Our packaging is completely shock-proof and 100% recyclable. Our packaging meet all the requirements of many partner carriers, especially for international carriers. They are lightweight, and offer very good result in terms of strength and impact resistance. Your order is ensured during transport against all damage by insurance that we agree with our charges for each of your parcel.

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