Excellence through Rum

1 July 2017 | Discover
Excellence through Rum

It is well known that charity begins at home, and in this game, who could be more legitimate than ExcellenceRhum to launch its own bottlings. We will discuss the intrinsic quality of the products a little later, let us first argue our points! ExcellenceRhum has been satisfying you for over 4 years now, hundreds of thousands of orders placed, thousands of loyal customers whom we warmly thank.

Alexandre Beudet, founder of ExcellenceRhum, eager, as always, to offer quality products has therefore selected casks of rum. The selection criteria were closely linked to the preferences of its customers -the famous data!-, there is no doubt that the bottles will sell out very quickly so click here to pre-order! -someone whispered in my ear that they had quite the success during the famous Rhum Fest-.

Therefore, we start with 4 Rums, from 4 beautiful sources… 4 Fine juices, unreduced, unsweetened, uncoloured, to offer only the quintessence of the raw product.

Another thing, the tight price point, by bottling directly, ExcellenceRhum is freed from intermediaries taking their share of the cake.

Rather than giving you a tasting comment that you can find on the page of each product, let's talk about emotions.

Foursquare MBFS de 11 ans, embouteillé à son degré naturel

Barbados Foursquare 2006

From our dear Richard Seale, owner of this distillery, 62.8% -keep away from fire-.

A smoothness and a lightness despite the 63% which are in fact quite discreet all things considered. It is what made the success of the 2006 official bottling.

With a few drops of water, the rum opens up more, the woodiness is more present, the spices too.

On the nose: a slight woodiness is felt, white flowers, a fresh scent of coconut and light buttered caramel. Typical Foursquare so far! With a few drops of water, the rum opens up more, the woodiness is more present, the spices too

Mouth: Lean cocoa notes are present, like in a hot chocolate made with Van Houten!

Spicy and indulging finish, long with a light woody persistence as well as ripe exotic fruits.

Conclusion: A good Foursquare, light and greedy, the almost 63% abv are well balanced.

Guyana Diamond 2005

Guyana and its mythical Diamond of 2005 still at 60.1%

I have always preferred a Port Mourant or a Uitvlgt to a Diamond, I have never had access to good Velier bottlings of Diamond…

The one bottled by ExcellenceRhum reconciles me with Diamond, power, fruit, elegance... not this impression of wood juice that you can find in some -many?- rums in tropical aging that you would have forgotten 20 years in their barrel...

On the nose, Guyana and its fiery smells can be felt

Palate: Papaya, light sweet spices, feeling of warmth -without burning- and flowers

A good little granite on the finish (although we have never eaten granite…) and above all some small notes of passion fruit at the very end.

A sip invites an other

Diamond MPM Collection Excellence Rhum 2017
Hampden 2000 LROK by Excellence Rhum

Hampden LROK 2000 Aged 16 years

Jamaica and probably the hottest distillery, Hampden, 16, 2000, 54.6%

Confirmation, we find in this Hampden what had made many people fall in love with the Velier HLCF estate, this sweet smoke, these fruits, this powerful, bewitching taste that makes you plunge your nose back into your glass, that makes you take another sip and we arrive too quickly at the fateful “is it over? Already ? »

A woody frame is still present, this Hampden is less in exuberance than in elegance, finesse. An easy way to captivate any rum lover with a smooth start in the beautiful Hampden madness.

And with a little water?

The attack is softer, the elegance is retained... The vigor is still present on the finish. Also appears a more powerful woodiness and a slight smoke.

Let's move on to French territory with Guadeloupe and Bellevue, with the oldest bottle in the range, 1998 59.9% (not 60%!).

Wooh, this depth, this power, very fresh notes on the attack, pear… vanilla, lemon notes.

Bellevue (Damoiseau) de 19 ans, brut de fût

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