How to store and preserve your bottles

1 July 2022 | Buyer's Guide
How to store and preserve your bottles


Like all spirits worthy of the name, your bottles of rum are best stored away from light at room temperature, in an upright position. If your bottle is presented in a case, a tube or a box, do not hesitate to put it back in its container after your tastings. These cases or boxes can protect your bottle from light, dust and more or less brutal temperature differences.

The vertical position is essential, the cork of the stoppers can disintegrate over time if it is immersed. Indeed, the cork does not resist in the long term to the alcoholic power of rum when it is soaked in it.

Conservation and oxidation of rum

Storage is very important. Whether your bottles are full, started or almost empty, verticality and darkness will allow you to get the most out of your spirits.

Your bottles can be kept for several years after being opened.

Your rum will oxidize with the air you put in the bottle the moment you open it. The higher the level of the liquid in your bottle, the more its conservation will be done by reducing the part of oxidation.

If you keep nearly empty bottles, they will oxidize more easily. We advise you to pour them into clear glass vials or sample vials.

Note that as soon as you open your bottle, some rums refine and develop subtle aromas the first 10 or 20 days after opening. Similarly, when you pour a few centiliters into a glass, a few minutes later the nose of your rum evolves.

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