The real Mojito recipe

1 July 2022 | Cocktails
The real Mojito recipe

Some steps, which may seem trivial, are indeed very important and delicate.

Certainly the most drunk cocktail in France, at least it was until very recently. Rare are those who have already drunk a real good mojito… We reassure you, no need to go to Cuba for that!

Our tips for making the perfect Mojito Cocktail

For mint, nothing could be easier than growing it at home, with a simple pot... It is a "bad" weed that grows very quickly and will parasitize all other plants! Mint - The real mojito recipe Don't be afraid to run out, in a few months you won't know what to do with it.

For sparkling water, you need bubbles, so we start with Perrier or seltzer water. Sodastream possibly but take care to carbonate the water well.

Sugar, white or syrup, take it easy because the right dosage will keep the refreshing side of the cocktail.

Lime of course, no pulco. You squeeze the juice before and pour it into the glass. We don't want to see dead lemon chunks floating around in your drink.

To finish, the rum of course. Some will swear by Havana Club when many very old recipes mention Bacardi.

Be aware, however, that many rum brands have changed their recipe since -logic in almost 1 century-. However Bacardi has set out to recreate an aromatic profile close to the original Bacardi. It gives a very nice product called Bacardi Superior at 44.5°, certainly it is more expensive, but you are worth it, right? Let's not do the ayatollahs, try with rums that you like. The goal is to keep a light and aromatic profile. Avoid the big Guyanese which will overpower your drink.

You can go on the Plantation 3 stars which lends itself well to the exercise, for barely more than a Havana club. White Pampero otherwise.

The Mojito Cocktail Recipe

6 cl Bacardi superior industrial light rum, plantation 3 stars, Havana club

3 cl squeezed lime juice.

2 teaspoons powdered white sugar or 2cl simple syrup

9 cl perrier

1 sprig of mint about 8-10 leaves


1. Assemble your ingredients, use a large perrier or highball glass.

2. Squeeze your lime juice. Keep it aside.

3. Add your mint leaves and your sugar or sugar syrup.

4. Lightly crush the mint, Muddle - The real Mojito recipe

4-5 strokes should be enough. We pound the mint with the sugar for the mojito

5. Add the rum

6. Add sparkling water

7. Add the crushed ice, stir with a Spoon to homogenize the cocktail. It's ready !

Pro tips

Do yourself a favor, don't make mojito soup in advance with the infusing mint leaves... You'll extract the bitterness and your cocktail will be gross. The Mojito Cocktail is a demanding cocktail that takes time to make. You have to do it glass by glass. If you are lazy or lack the time and desire, you can make a Daiquiri, in the shaker, you can make them 3 by 3, enough to delight a large number of friends very quickly.

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