A vintage rum for a great occasion

1 July 2022 | Buyer's Guide
A vintage rum for a great occasion

A vintage for a birth, a birthday, a wedding or to mark a special event of the year is more than just a gift. Indeed, this rum will have a great meaning for its recipient. It can be treasured, tasted in small groups or even enjoyed alone. It is a way of sharing a symbolic year through a spirit of excellence.

How do vintages work in the world of rum?

The year on the label generally matchs the year of distillation. Then comes the time of aging in barrels and then the year of bottling, the date on which the rum will remain frozen in its aromatic complexity. Unlike wine, it no longer evolves once bottled.

Gift idea: For a birthday or a birth, combine a vintage of the desired year as well as the newspaper of the day to celebrate. You can buy a vintage rum starting at €29.

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