La Favorite celebrates 180th anniversary

8 November 2022 | Interviews & Meetings
La Favorite celebrates 180th anniversary

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Franck Dormoy, 4th generation, farmer, distiller

Distillery La Favorite

Hello and thank you for granting us an interview on the occasion of the 180th anniversary of the distillery. La Favorite is today the oldest independent family distillery in  Martinique. How does one manage in today's economic world to remain independent ?

Thank you for your interest in our news. Being independent are human values, it's a fight, a desire shared by the whole team and beyond. It is also a daily job, both in terms of brand strategy and at the level of the entire production chain. Promoting our know-how by being sincere and unique, that is our recipe!

You are offering a series of four bottles of white rum on the occasion of your anniversary. How did the idea of ​​producing these four rums germinate?

We wanted to offer a unique, simple and different experience. To leave the classic selection of the oldest cask from the oldest vintage. To share something special and convivial with you. We are celebrating our 180th Harvest this year, what could be more obvious than an ode to 2022! Each year, from March to June, we distill rums imbued with authenticity, unique and different rums from one month to another, from one variety to another. It is these singular expressions that we wanted to offer by creating these Special Cuvées.

You have chosen a particularly refined packaging with floral labels. What is the visual idea of ​​this 180th anniversary collection ?

We like to take care of the bottles that will receive our rhums. Isn't that why it's called an habillage!

The choice of the emblematic bottle in its original color was obvious, a tribute to history, to the past, a wink to André...

The labels were the joint work of a team of passionate graphic designers and designers by our side. Plants and flowers reflect our Creole gardens; all the diversity of nature that lives around our cane fields.

The Heliconia and the Bird of Paradise adorn Mars, we find the Hibiscus on the April Harvest, the Frangipani flower for May, the Orchids and the Suculent dress the June Harvest

What are the technical characteristics of each of these rums in terms of terroir and fermentation ?

Each cuvée represents the diversity of the harvest month; proportion of the varietal blend (Canne Roseau and Canne Bleue being dominant with us), blend of unique plots from one month to another (canes from the estate at 80% and from partner-planters at 20%) .

The fermentations also depend on the climate, and therefore on the sugar content of the cane juice; the average at La Favorite being 60 hours.

After distillation, each month offers a unique batch, part of which we isolated to create these cuvées, which, after 4 months of brewing and reduction, were bottled at 56% vol.

What are the taste profiles of each of these rums ?

The harvest of Mars offers fruity and quite gourmet notes. April has a more punchy profile, a suave and minty finish. The May selection is distinguished by sweet notes of fresh cane and tea. The Harvest of June offers a full-bodied, fresh, fruity and floral tasting.

Each of them represents a period of our 2022 Harvest. We can thus taste all the diversity that these 4 months have offered. It is in all humility that we offer these Cuvées, which reflect our daily work, whose monthly batches are usually blended. For our Anniversary, we are offering behind the scenes of a harvest at La Favorite…

For several years, La Favorite has been carrying out a renewal, as evidenced by the link maintained with amateurs today. How do you see the future of La Favorite distillery and more generally the future of rhums from Martinique ?

The team has grown in recent years, the interest in a small family unit has also grown. It is the fusion between producer and consumer that creates this attachment. It also gives meaning to our work. The human part, the pleasure of tasting and sharing, the encounters... After all, we are providers of conviviality!

Our future at La Favorite, we see it bright, true to our soul, a small team with big plans! We also see it as delicious, made up of unique experiences and new explorations. The future of Martinican rhum, we see it on our island, in the Caribbean and in the world. We see it as even more respectful of the environment and still rooted in our heritage.

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