Chantal Comte
Fighting Spirit

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FIGHTING SPIRIT, a magical name to evoke the strength of a great Rum: Martinique, Guadeloupe, the Caribbean islands, Marie Galante… names laden with the history of France and America, images of freebooters and pirates, of the heat of the tropics, of white sands, the fragrance of the islands, of sweet spice… 


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Its strong and sober image confers on Fighting Spirit Blue Rum its distinction. ”Blue” for the Distillery du Simon, which stands in the limpid blue waters of François Bay, like a ship on the banks of the Atlantic Ocean. “Blue” for the clear azure of the Martinique sky. Chantal Comte has chosen this rum for its exceptional qualities. It is one of the gems of her collection of rare and distinctive rums.

Chantal Comte

Chantal Comte, whose family has been living in Martinique for 50 years, chooses and distributes the best reserves of Rums from Martinique or Guadeloupe (Marie-Galante)

  • Presented in Box
  • Distilled from fresh sugar cane juice (agricole method)

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