The Confrérie du Rhum celebrates its tenth anniversary!

14 March 2023 | Interviews & Meetings
The Confrérie du Rhum celebrates its tenth anniversary!

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of “La Confrérie du Rhum”, we interviewed Benoit Bail, co-founder of the Confrérie and Jerry Gitany, the group's main host.

Hello gentlemen, thank you for giving us this interview. Let's start at the beginning, how did you get into rum?

Jerry Gitany : I guess we can say that I was born into it since my grandfather used to be the director of the Saint-James distillery and I had an uncle who was the accountant at Depaz, in Martinique. But I only started drinking rum when I was in college.

Benoit Bail : For my part, my passion for rum came by accident. And in 2013, I finally created a flavored rum brand alongside my regular job and launched a Facebook group dedicated to rum lovers. 10 years later, I am glad to see that this group is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

You are now the two leading hosts of the facebook group “La Confrérie du Rhum” that Benoît founded 10 years ago.

How did you meet and later work together and form a duo in the world of rum?

Jerry Gitany : We got to know each other on the internet, particularly during exchanges about a bottle of La Mauny, to find out if it was a counterfeit. Shortly after, we met in Paris and quickly became friends. Quite naturally, during the creation of the Confrérie du Rhum, Benoit asked me to assist him and afterwards we set up projects, including in particular the Agricole Tour which aimed to promote agricole rum in the world by representing the distilleries and rum brands of the French West Indies at the various Rhumfests abroad.

Benoit Bail : And inevitably, after 10 years of traveling the world as a duo, bonds were forged and I would even say that a solid friendship was born over time.

Jerry Gitany & Benoit Bail, Festival del Habanaos, Havana, Cuba
The Confrérie du Rhum equals 10 years of existence, debates, dissemination of knowledge, “Confrérie du Rhum” bottlings.
What impetus have social networks given to rum, in your opinion?

Jerry : As in many areas, social networks have allowed the dissemination of knowledge, exchanges between enthusiasts, but also a greater proximity of rum producers (at least some) with consumers, by listening to them. And of course greater visibility at low cost for many brands.

Benoit : All of this has led to the world of rum evolving faster than the whisky world, for example, and in just a few years, the two spirit categories have found themselves on the same level.

From left to right, Jerry Gitany and Benoit Bail

You are returning from Cuba where you traveled with the Eminente and Excellence Rhum teams.

What struck you the most in the world of Cuban rums?

Jerry : What struck me the most was the fact that in Cuba there are very few distilleries and that these belong to the state, as well as the importance of the work of the Maestros Roneros who will produce rum profiles according to the brands.

Benoit : I found it very interesting that, despite the fact that all rum production belongs to the state, there are a number of brands that already existed before the revolution (of 1959), and of which the Cubans have kept names and profiles in order to preserve a certain legacy of their heritage from before, in connection with a region or a city for example.

Thank you gentlemen for this interview, see you very soon on the different Rum Festival and around a glass of rum!

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