How to choose your spiced rum

1 December 2022 | Buyer's Guide
How to choose your spiced rum

Spiced rums have generally benefited from a short aging process, and spices or fruits have been macerated. Sometimes flavorings are added.

Spiced rums are produced all over the world and are sometimes tied to specific local cultures. For example, Maison La Mauny spiced rum is produced from agricol rum with maceration of spices. Secha de la Silva rum, produced in Colombia, has notes of chocolate and coffee.

Spiced rums find a new lease of life after remaining a few years in the shadow of arranged rums!

Spiced rums are usually very sweet. The big brands rub shoulders with more confidential rums. Kraken, Demon's Share, Botafogo or Bumbu rums will liven up the evenings and appeal to a large audience. On the other hand, spiced from Maison La Mauny, Boukman or Chairman’s reserve will decorate the tables for gatherings in smaller groups. 

Spiced rums can be drunk pure or in cocktails. Today many distilleries or bottlers develop spiced rums in their range.

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