Whisky Live 2022

7 November 2022 | Interviews & Meetings
Whisky Live 2022

The great family of spirits gathered for three days in the Grande Halle of La Villette. The success of this edition is due as much to the quality of the tastings and discoveries as to the joy of everyone meeting between professionals and enthusiasts. The rums occupied the balconies and the wide aisles between the stands allowed everyone to wander around according to their desires. Expectations were met and there were many favorites.

Isautier continues its apogee with old rums

La Réunion offered us two magnificent new triangular decanters with the cuvées Elise, a 15-year-old agricol rum and Appolonie, a 16-year-old traditional rum, from Maison Isautier. Rivière du Mat also presented its remarkable blends.

Rum Nation has bottled an excellent Rum from Guyana Versailles 18 years old, distilled in Pot Still, 59%, with a Whisky cask finish.

Haiti was proudly represented by the Clairin Providence 2019, aged in an ex-barrel of Caroni. The Papalin Haiti, multi-distilleries was also very appreciated, as well as the old Sajous which confirms a profile close to a Jamaican rum.

Karukera and Longueteau were fighting over Guadeloupe. The Karukera Single Cask n°576 spoke to the palate, while the Constellations in white and in old from Longueteau were unanimous.

Hampden has dominated Jamaica with its series of 12-year-old rums. The leading trio consists of Hampden 12 years old HGML, Hampden 12 years old n°78 as well as DOK. Special mention for the very surprising Velier Amrut 2015 bottling, which was presented on the same stand. In terms of white rum, Rum Papa Rouyo, still at Velier, easily deserves a medal.

Battle at the top in Martinique between the Saint-James Ephémère n°7, with its fruity taste with a minty touch, the Neisson Nonagenta, with notes of fruit and citrus and its slightly vegetal touch, and the new Depaz Single Cask 2010.

The Trois Rivières Single Cask 2007 and the new Triple-Vinage also bring a rare sweetness to the world of agricol rum.

Black Tot's new Master Blender 2022 blend offers remarkable smoky notes that echo brilliant Navy rums.

She caught his eye! It's the effect of this Jamaican rum on Florent

High ester has never been so fashionable. To the point of wondering which independent bottler did not have his during this Whisky Live! Nevertheless, it is with one of the pioneers of the genre, with the National Rums of Jamaica (present on the Velier stand) that I fell in love with, with the Long Pond Cambridge 2010 STCE. With this 12 year old, we are in these "west indies" profiles where wisdom is not appropriate. Rich and opulent, the Cambridge offers us an extremely wide aromatic range. A rum with accents of ripe exotic fruits counterbalanced by buttery and undergrowth notes. The final is endless, and that's what we expect from this essential profile!

Christopher's crush

This edition of Whisky Live was rich in novelties and innovations of all kinds. Usually a great fan of powerful and exuberant Jamaican rums, yet present in large numbers at the event, this time it was an agricole rhum that caught my attention, Longueteau Constellation.

This is a special bottling on the occasion of the legendary solo transatlantic which connects St-Malo in Brittany to Pointe-à-Pitre in Guadeloupe every four years. This rhum pays homage to the navigators who, during the first edition in 1978, would use the stars to guide them in the night.

A first taste marked by aromas of intense fresh cane and citrus fruits. This 57.5% white rum is particularly distinguished by its intensity of aromas and remarkable sweetness for its alcohol content, all in a neat and elegant packaging that calls for adventure. Don’t miss out !

Flavor and fruityness were present according to Alexandre

My favorite is a Trinidad rum from the distillery with the very original name Trinidad Distillers LTD. Bottled by Plantation Rum. This is a 21-year-old single cask that titles *66%. The alcohol is present, but not harsh, on the contrary, it accompanies an evolving complexity in the glass with an optimum opening at 20 minutes. Fine and characterful on the black fruits, a menthol and a verbena which counterbalances and gives lightness to the tasting. A very great rum that would be the ideal companion to a chocolate fondant from Philippe Conticini (27 Pl. Dauphine, not far from the Excellence Rhum boutique).

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